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2019 Report on International Religious Freedom: Iraq

Religion in Iraq – Wikipedia

Religion in Iraq ; Islam (official) (95%) ; Christianity (1.25%) ; Yazidism (1.25%) ; Yarsanism, Zoroastrianism, Bahá’í, Mandaeanism, Irreligious) (2.5%

Iraqi Culture – Religion

Islam is the official religion of Iraq, and the majority of the population is Muslim (97%). There are also small communities of Christians, Yazidis and ..

Iraq – Arabs – Britannica

Iraq is predominantly a Muslim country, in which the two major sects of Islam are represented more equally than in any other state. About three-fifths of the ..

Religious Politics in Iraq | United States Institute of Peace

27 May 2003 — Although Iraq is an overwhelmingly Muslim country, it is both religiously and ethnically diverse. More than 95 percent of the population is

2021 Report on International Religious Freedom: Iraq

2 Jun 2022 — The constitution establishes Islam as the official religion of the state and a “foundational source” of legislation. It states no law may

Iraq – Religious Minorities – CPIN – v3.0 – July 2021 – GOV.UK

14 Jul 2021 — 2 Islam is the official religion of Iraq. The Iraqi constitution provides freedom of religious belief and practice for Muslims, Christians,

Iraq – National Profiles

Religious Adherents (World Religion Database 2020) ; Muslims, 97.41%, 89.15% ; –Sunnis, 35.34%, 62.22% ; –Shias, 61.23%, 25.50% ; –Islamic schismatics, 0.84% ..

Who are the Iraqi Kurds? – Pew Research Center

20 Aug 2014 — In terms of religious sect, Iraqi Arabs are somewhat split: Our survey found that most said they were Shia Muslims (62%), but about three-in-ten

The Rights of Religious Minorities in Iraq – Brill

Needless to say, the religious freedom of the majority of Iraqis is compro- mised due to the restrictions imposed on Muslims converting from Islam to any other ..

Who Are the Yazidis, the Ancient, Persecuted Religious …

11 Aug 2014 — With the advance of Sunni militants into Iraqi Kurdish territory, members of the Yazidi religious minority have fled their homeland of

2.15. Religious and ethnic minorities, and stateless persons

The Iraqi constitution guarantees freedom of religious belief and practices for Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, and Sabean-Mandaean, but not followers of other ..

Nation or Religion? Iraq’s Hybrid Identity Politics

16 Jun 2020 — According to the CIA World Factbook, Arabs constitute 75-80% and Kurds 15-20% of the country’s population.[4] Shia comprise roughly 55-60%,

Are Iraqi youths losing their religion? – Al-Monitor

11 Sept 2020 — Despite the influence of religion in Iraqi politics, recent studies show that young people in Iraq are increasingly identifying as

This tiny minority of Iraqis follows an ancient Gnostic religion

21 Jun 2021 — Iraq stands today in the region of the ancient Babylonian Empire, generally understood as the homeland of the patriarch Abraham, the

Religion and American Attitudes toward Islam and an Invasion …

by CE Smidt · 2005 · Cited by 96 — Saddam Hussein, invading Iraq, and perceiving Islam as a violent religion, by using national survey data gathered just several months prior to the actual

Clashes erupt after Iraqi Shiite cleric resigns, 15 dead – AP News

1 day ago — Al-Sadr announced his withdrawal from politics in a tweet, and ordered the closure of his party offices. Religious and cultural institutions


The constitution establishes Islam as the official religion and states no … security forces (ISF) remained widespread outside the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Wilting in the Kurdish Sun: The Hopes and Fears of Religious …

Excerpt: In recent years the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has been a haven for … and even violence targeting ethnic and religious minorities exist, ..

The Secular Roots of a Religious Divide in Contemporary Iraq

In Iraq, the population is approximately 60% Shi’is and 20% Arab Sunnis. There is a widespread sense that the present conflict between these two sectarian ..